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Events and Business Intelligence


1. the methods and technologies that gather, store, report, and analyze business data to help people make business decisions:

| business intelligence software;
| business intelligence tools.

2. the data gathered by these methods::BI

| Our operations decisions are driven by business intelligence.

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Specialising in Events, Publications and Business Intelligence, our ex-industry consultants have a wealth of knowledge across Sales, Marketing, Production and Operations.Leveraging years of industry experience, we have successfully partnered with leading global media companies, whilst also provided valuable support to SMEs and startups in identifying the right hire for their business.

Our diverse portfolio of products enables us to offer a customised service tailored to the specific support level your business requires.

Our approach extends beyond merely identifying ‘active’ candidates. We proactively engage in headhunting and mapping strategies to uncover hidden talent in the market, this allows us to provide you with a broader spectrum of candidates.

As industry specialists, we offer valuable market insights such as salary trends, competitor analysis and other industry specific information. This information empowers recruitment decision makers with data driven intelligence, ensuring you make informed and strategic hires.

Choose Caselton Clark as your recruitment agency if you seek a partner with a proven track record of navigating businesses through economic downturns and global pandemics since 2007. Holding a substantial share of the Events recruitment market adds an additional layer of trust and safety to recruitment partnerships.