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Re-Envisioning Talent Processes: Understanding the Effect of EQE's New Examination Format.

We commissioned a Whitepaper, Re-Envisioning Talent Processes: Understanding the Effect of EQE's New Examination Format, which explores the proposed changes to the EQE Examination in the coming years, and the potential impact on hiring managers, HR departments and other stakeholders involved in bringing talent into a business.

This Whitepaper cites several sources, and we also asked some industry specialists for their views, both in private practice and industry and would like to thank those who gave us their time and assistance. 

Re-Envisioning Talent Processes

EVP & Employer Brand

The behaviours and needs of employees are changing rapidly. The traditional basic requirements such as salary and benefits have evolved to a far more complex mix of social values, beliefs and work/life balance. As a result, your employer brand and employee value proposition (EVP) have never been as critical or essential as they are now.

Our whitepaper on employer branding and the emergence of EVPs blends our experiences of client and candidate behaviours with global thought-leadership research.

EVP & Employer Brand

Candidate Attraction Survey

Following on from our EVP whitepaper, we commissioned this candidate attraction survey to discover what candidates value when seeking a new role. All respondents were professionals, Managers or C-suite employees.

We hope that you enjoy reading this and gain a valuable insight towards attracting and retaining top talent.

Candidate Attraction Survey

EVP Webinar Recording 

There has never been a greater demand for capable staff than there is now. Some are tackling this by throwing money at it, but that’s like buying a house at the height of the market – something you’ll regret when the market cools. Others are taking a different route – creating and then promoting a powerful Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will attract top talent without over-paying for it.

Caselton Clark’s advisory board member Mike Ames will dig into all seven truly compelling EVP components.

This is based on research about what potential employees want when seeking a new role and 35 years’ experience in the recruitment sector.

Onboarding & Employer Brand

At Caselton Clark, recruitment is far more than just sourcing a person for a role. Promoting your employer brand and ensuring a smooth and successful start to an employee’s onboarding process is fundamental to everything we do.

The onboarding process is an important part of an employee’s first experience with a company and can have a significant impact on their perception of the employer brand.

Feedback from our clients indicated that remote onboarding has proved challenging. We’ve produced a whitepaper detailing best practice for remote onboarding and how this will drive your employer brand.

Onboarding & Employer Brand

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