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At Caselton Clark we're a bit different to most Media and Events recruiters. We'll never rush anyone through a process in order to hit targets - in fact our only target is getting as many people as we can into jobs that are perfect for them. In order to do that we take the time to really understand what you're looking for and to really understand the roles we're looking for.

We work primarily in event jobs within the B2B Media industry and work across event sales jobs, event marketing jobs, conference production jobs and event management jobs So if you'd like to talk to a recruiter who listens for a change, contact us today.


Media and Events Sales

Are you in the event industry and looking for your next event sales job in London?

Whether it is a sponsorship sales job, exhibition sales job, event sales job or delegate sales job these videos will be perfect for some quick tips to update your CV and prepare for that dreaded interview.

CV Advice for Media and Events Sales Jobs
Interview Advice for B2B Media Sales Jobs

Event Marketing

Are you dusting off your CV for your next job in event marketing or subscription marketing? Or are you looking for some interview advice?

You are in the right place as these videos should offer some basic, but essential advice.

CV Advice for Event Marketing Jobs
Interview Advice for Events Marketing Jobs

Event Management

Event Managers, Event Co-ordinators, Event Operations, Event Logistics, Event Planners. These videos are for you when you are writing your next CV or preparing for your next interview in the events industry.

CV Advice for Event Manager Jobs

Events Production

Are you a conference producer or a B2B event producer?

And are you preparing your CV for your next job or need some interview advice?

Check out these videos, you are in the right place.

CV Advice for Events Production Jobs
Interview Advice for Conference Producer Jobs

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