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At Caselton Clark we do things a little differently. As a business founded by frustrated hiring managers we'd like to think we avoid many of the raps FMCG recruiters fall into. Traps like assuming we know what you're looking for, rather than taking the time to really find out. Or like spamming you with endless CVs in the hope that one of them will catch your eye.

We work primarily to a retained recruitment model based on our eight step headhunting process. For new clients we are happy to prove our worth via contingency recruitment before moving to our partnership model.

For more information call one of our FMCG recruitment consultants on 020 7559 6701 or use the contact form below.

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Caselton Clark Recruitment Service

The Benefits of Temporary Staffing and Contractors

Case Study

The Client
Ella’s Kitchen

Our Approach
“For me, recruitment is one of the most important areas of running a business and unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest to get right. The wrong recruit can be so damaging to not only the business goals, but crucially also to a company’s culture.

I have been hugely impressed with the way Mike and his team vet potential candidates for Ella’s and it gives me greater confidence in our recruitment process. One of the critical things they have done is truly understand our culture and values at Ella’s, so they only send us candidates they feel would fit into our ethos. This is vital. Most recruitment companies just play the numbers game, they trawl through LinkedIn and then send the candidates on with minimal vetting.

They are our preferred company for all commercial positions at Ella’s.”

Mark Cuddigan - MD

For more information please contact:

Laurence Phillips
Managing Consultant 020 7559 6701

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Red Bull
Emily Fruit Crisps