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  • The Rise of Adult Soft Drinks

    Thursday September 1, 2016

    There has previously been somewhat of a stigma attached to non-alcoholic ‘adult’ drinks. To go to a bar with you mates and opt for a ‘near beer’ instead of a pint of...

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  • Technology in the Events Industry

    Thursday September 1, 2016

    Just like last year, technology has been a keen theme running through this year’s Event Industry Survey. We found that 75% of respondents are using social media more...

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  • FMCG Recruitment Testimonial - Ella's Kitchen

    Thursday September 1, 2016

    Ella's Kitchen are a wonderful brand to work with and it is no surprise to see them regularly listed as one of the top places to work in the UK. They care about their...

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  • Talent in the Events Industry

    Monday August 22, 2016

    You may have seen, or even taken part in our event industry survey over the last few months. With the results now in, a number of key themes have become clear...

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  • Business Intelligence Role Play Advice

    Thursday August 18, 2016

    A role play is a great opportunity to impress the interviewer when going for a business intelligence role. In this video Ioan Nickson, our head of business intellig...

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  • FMCG Newsletter - August

    Thursday August 11, 2016

    Some great stories of new product launches are featured in this months FMCG newsletter. In addtion, we've included an article that talks through how the internet has...

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