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Caselton Clarks Recruitment Technology Investments

Caselton Clark believe in delivering the highest possible standards. Nowhere is this more visible than in our choice and use of technology. We know that human interaction is vital when it comes to recruitment. So rather than trying to automate this aspect like many other recruitment companies, we are focused on enhancing it. We have increased our investment in state-of-the-art video engagement technology that allows us to present candidates to our clients in a far more efficient light.


The increased use of skype and zoom during the last year has only proven how beneficial video technology can be in place of face-to-face meetings. Now you can reap the benefits, and more, while avoiding the security concerns associated with such platforms.


How it works: We use a two-way video tool to interview and screen potential and then conduct five-minute face-to-face video interviews using questions specified by our client. We then send these recordings, that can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. This allows the manager to make a more informed decision on exactly who to bring in for face-to-face interviews. By removing the needless first stage interview and barriers to location we can cut the recruitment to hire journey by almost half, ensuring that the time of our valued clients and candidates is well spent.


Below are outlines of the key features you will benefit from as a result of our increased investments. 


Project Management & Ats Tool

We provide a branded online tool to allow our clients to view candidate profiles, track their recruitment process and collaborate on positions. Time spent organising and tracking recruitment is one of the largest costs involved in the recruitment process. By using an ATS/PM tool we can simplify the process and reduce the operational costs involved in recruitment.


Video Screening Candidates

We virtually meet our candidates to ensure we base our shortlist on more than just a CV. We provide a short video interview for these candidates with industry leading questions. Using video interviews, we can cut the time to hire by up to 50% and decrease number of interviews by around 60%.


Bespoke Video Interviews

A five-minute video interview is equal to a 200-question written assessment (source: One Touch Video Chat). Having a bespoke video interview means our clients can set the questions and get the most relevant insight into the candidates technical, cultural and team fit. Bespoke video interviews have on average reduced the interview to placement ratio by 66%, decreasing the number of interviews a client undertakes to find the right hire.


Video to Attract Candidates

While it may be that there is a high quantity of candidates in the market, we focus on quality. The candidates that are most available will often not be the most suitable for your company. We use video to maximise our access to passive and hard to reach candidates -in a competitive market this ensures we give our clients the greatest advantage in candidate attraction. Viewers retain 95% of a message delivered via Video compared to 10% when reading it in text (source: Wirebuzz). Video in a recruitment email increases response rates by 200-300% (source: Hubspot).


Interested in finding the right person for your company, all while saving time and money? Give us a call and instantly enjoy the benefits of video in the hiring process!









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