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Survey Results from Caselton Clarks Workplace Wellbeing Check-In.


Workplace wellbeing is vital for overall wellbeing, as employees experience more change we have been keen to understand employees current feelings and how employers can best support them in the future.


We asked respondents how often they felt stressed at work during a typical working week. Over 50% of those surveyed reported feeling stressed about 50% of the time, with a further 18% feeling stressed most days, and 4% feeling stressed every day.



We asked if those who reported feeling stressed at work knew how to effectively manage this, two thirds of those asked do not know how to effectively manage stress at work.



Additionally, 77% of respondents would not know who to approach if their mental health was declining at work.



Work-life balance is increasingly recognised as a key factor for workplace wellbeing and stress management. We asked how often respondents feel overworked and if they felt they had a good work-life balance. 50% of respondents feel overworked most of the time and no respondents answered yes to having a good work life balance.  



Studies show that not only are people more likely to stay at a company of they feel cared for, but when choosing their next role people are increasingly looking for a company that they feel highly values employees.


We asked respondents how valued they felt by their compnay, their manager, and their collages. People reported feeling more valued by their colleagues than their company or their managers, and while nobody reported feeling in any way not valued by their colleagues, 17% of people reported feeling not so valued by their compnay and their managers.



Moreover, 83% of people surveyed feel that their employer could be doing more to support their wellbeing at work.



When we asked what they would find most helpful for their employer to implement, 50% of respondents felt more flexible working hours would be of help, with a more open culture coming in second and equal number of people seeking mental health first aid training for manager and access to therapy or counselling.



We are interested in hearing more about other ways employers could support employee wellbeing, or measures employers have brought in that have proven beneficial. Comment to share your thoughts.


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