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Talking Events - An Interview with Lynn Lester from The Drum

I recently sat down with Lynn Lester from The Drum. Having transformed The Drum’s events business into one of the most successful she found the time to discuss the state of events and the changing workplace.

We have condensed the interview into some key takeaways here on people management in events and what is important for the next 12 months in the industry. But Lynn's opinion on the future, technology and management techniques are a must listen! For the whole thing, please listen to our podcast. 


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What a good question this is.

So, I think the biggest thing in management that I didn't realise, maybe I wasn't told, was that you don't have to be perfect.

So you assume that management should be having to have all the answers, you're the king and queen of everything. That's not the case because you're just human, you're learning all the time from your peers.

I think I would have loved someone to tell me that...not to take it personally, that you're not perfect and that you're going to make mistakes. And actually that is OK. Because if you've got good leadership then that's absolutely fine.




Managing people opens your eyes because you just assume everyone is the same but they are not.

I think you have to be very aware that what seems quite an immaterial thing to you is a really, really big deal to people. So you have to be very open minded.

I also think it's really interesting particularly with millennials - they want things quicker, they're more impatient and it's all about adapting your emotions so you're not holding people back. You've got to have opportunities for people, they want to see a clear progression path. 



In any market, people are very easy to reach but they're very difficult to engage. Their attention span is minute.

The most difficult thing I believe is really engaging people and giving your USP upfront. You know people don't care, you're a corporate and actually it's about getting underneath the bonnet very quickly to say 'this is what's in it for you, this is why you have to be part of it and this is the fundamental difference it will make to your life.' I would say that is definitely something that we have to be mindful of. 



That is such a loaded question!

Let's put it perspective I am from a very working class background, I'm not from a privileged background. My family weren't rich, I'm the youngest of seven children and we got by. So we just lived a very normal life and we were very happy.

So coming from that background fast forward several years. And It's a nice sunny day in September a couple of years ago. I was walking down Broadway in New York. And I'm walking down and looking at all the sights and I'm thinking 'This cannot be real. I'm actually here.' I was on my way to host a big award show, as I MC a lot of our shows, for 700 people in America, in the Big Apple. So for me I think 'oh my god.' This was amazing. I could never imagine as a kid would I ever picture myself in New York. I wanted to bottle that feeling up and keep it forever. 


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Listen to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud:



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