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Talking Events - An Interview with Robin Booth from EMAP

Moving on with the Talking Events Series... I have recently been able to discuss the changing industry with Robin Booth, the MD at EMAP. He spoke with such passion about the industry, had plenty of interesting insights to share from his position at the top of a large B2B events business based out of London. 

We have condensed the interview into some key takeaways here on people management in events and what is important for the next 12 months in the industry. Robin's insights on change and transformation and the people management are a must listen for the high flyers in the industry. To listen to the full interview please listen to our podcast. 

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Crikey... I'd say they're transparent, consistent and approachable. So most of what I just said relates to soft skills. The hard skills are a given, you have to be capable of doing the basic elements of the job. It's then your ability to communicate with others, connect with others, motivate others and when required talk to others about difficult conversations. Ultimately, that's going to come down to your own DNA, your own ability to interest and influence people.

You've got to be comfortable about change. You've got to understand how to implement change and how to manage change. I think it's absolutely critical for any current manager or leader at the moment if you stand still you're going to get left behind really quickly but you shouldn't at the same time be balanced. Don't just innovate for the hell of it. Make sure when you're thinking about innovation you understand the risk. You understand the reason for doing it and you understand how to bring other people with you on that journey. Many people don't like change. 

Look for cultural fit. Look for some way where you feel you will belong. So that you've got shared values. So if you're really passionate about content make sure you find a business that puts content heart and centre of every single thing it does. If you love innovative groundbreaking interactive events go find a business that does those sorts of events. Go find something where you are a fit, where you are a match. There are hundreds of great businesses out there in our industry to go and work for. It will be about finding that place where you belong and you know it when you go and talk to them because they'll talk your language and you'll make a quick connection with whoever's interviewing you. And if you've got it right that connection will get stronger as you get further into the interview process. You'll already start to think about what it would mean to be working there. Then you know you want something good.

Understand what's the difference between being a member of a team and a leader of a team. I think that is a really difficult first step because you've gone from being one of everyone else, you appear to suddenly having authority over people that you may well have been a colleague of previously. So I think that needs some thought. It's about preparing yourself to have that gravitas, preparing yourself to be able to support people and to have the experience to be able to do that. You can't suddenly become a manager if you haven't gone through various different things that you can use to cool on and give examples to people. Make sure you get quite structure and you get quite a plan that you're able to think about multiple things. That's probably the biggest difference between being a member of a team and a manager of a team is how many different things you'll be trying to deal with at once you suddenly move from a one dimensional world to a multi-dimensional world. And it's good to prepare yourself for that as you were beginning to come up and consider it your first managerial role.

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