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The Caselton Clark IP Salary & Lifestyle Survey 2019

We have completed our annual salary survey looking exclusively at the IP job market across the UK and Europe. 

Within the document you can expect to find the latest IP professional salaries, from attorneys to support staff and for both private practice and industry jobs. Plus this year we have expanded to include questions on individual's working lifestyles and what in their career is most important to them.

There are some interesting findings regarding people's benefits, what they aspire to most, work culture, and how these compare across different parts of Europe.


Click here to download the Caselton Clark IP Salary & Lifestyle Survey 2019


For People Working In Intellectual Property 

Please be aware that the salaries listed in this document are exclusively from data received during our collection period. Your colleagues submitted their information, qualification level, salary, bonus figures as well as additional information on the longevity of their career and benefits they may receive. 

The data can be used as a reference for discussions around salary but not as the definitive source of information for patent attorney vacancies. 


For Employers

Please do get in touch if you would like to know how Caselton Clark can help shape your hiring processes and ensure you are reaching the highest quality candidates in the UK.


Stephen Gill | +44 (0) 20 3443 7083 |


Dear Stephen thank you for preparing the salary survey report. I have a question regarding the bonus - is bonus payment included in the salary number or excluded? Thanks for clarifying, Martina Dear Martina, Thank you for your question. We ask just for the individual's basic salary, and so it shouldn't include any bonuses. I hope that helps. Stephen

  • Posted by Martina Stueven
  • on Tuesday May 7, 2019 10:48

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