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How To Retain High Performing FMCG Sales People In Central London

  • Posted by Mike South
  • on Friday November 23, 2018

The high number of lucrative drinks sale jobs in London can make it difficult for organisations to retain your top field sales people.

Top performing talent are motivated and encouraged at companies where they feel valued. Sales people working in FMCG drinks jobs look for opportunities to develop their career and can cultivate a sense of belonging.

It is, therefore, important to understand the goals and values of your staff. If you don’t, you risk losing your top talent to other competitors in FMCG jobs and similar.

The area where many FMCG companies fall down is a failure to create an employer brand. To attract and retain the top talent you need to build a reputation as a leading employer and create an environment in which your employees feel invested.


Create A Great Company Culture


Although employees are motivated by money, the number one priority for today’s workforce is job satisfaction.

Studies show that colleagues go the extra mile for one another when they feel part of a team, and engaged sales people produce better results when they have a bond with their peers.

Young people look for opportunities with companies that have a strong reputation, and are encouraged by employees that speak positively about a “brand”.

Companies that invest in an employer brand and live by those values, create an environment that people want to be involved in. Due to the amount of competition and high turnover of staff within the FMCG field sales, establishing a strong company culture is essential for organisations.


Be An Ethical Company 


A high percentage of FMCG drink sales personnel in the UK today are millennials and Gen-Zers. This young and dynamic demographic have grown up in a world riddled with unethical companies and want to work for brands that practice social responsibility.

Furthermore, companies with a strong ethics program improve their reputation among the wider community, influence the purchasing decisions of consumers and motivate employees to be committed. As a result, employees feel more loyal to the company and thus less inclined to leave.


Provide Management Support


Top sales reps may have a natural gift in field sales, but they also need the support of front-line managers. It is estimated that a high percentage of managers do not know how to coach effectively and as a result only 15-20 percent of employees improve work performance.

Furthermore, studies have shown that managers focus on the middle performers in an effort to help them yield higher returns. As a result, top sales reps in the FMCG drinks field feel they are wasting their time and leave the company.


Install Engaging Work Processes


Sales reps are busy people and they do not want to plough through a mountain of admin. Streamlining processes to make operations tasks simple makes the jobs easier and more enjoyable.

Also consider using the latest technologies and creating procedures that keep employees engaged. If your work processes are mundane and repetitive, field sale jobs can be de-motivating and sales reps quickly lose interest.

FMCG organisations that have the most success retaining top talent create a brand culture that engages staff and keeps them motivated. Recognise the ideals of young people and reflect those values in your company.


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