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How to attract high performing FMCG sales people

  • Posted by Mike South
  • on Friday November 16, 2018

With dozens of drink field sales jobs on offer across the UK, attracting the best sales people is like hunting for a buried treasure trove.

What’s more, your competitors are also on the hunt for gold. Subsequently, today’s most persuasive sales people looking for drink sales jobs are in high demand and have the luxury of choosing the company they want to work for.

So how do you persuade top-tier sales professionals to choose your firm over your competitors?


Create A Clear Employer Brand Message


Today’s workforce want jobs the offer value. And because FMCG field sales jobs are widely available, FMCG recruitment strategies need to include a clear and precise message brand message.

Candidates with an interest in drink sales jobs look beyond the financial rewards. They want to be assured FMCG drink jobs have a clear development path and provide an enjoyable work experience.


Offer Attractive Benefits


Top-performing sales people in FMCG jobs and similar fields expect to receive a handsome remuneration package. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to offer a huge salary to attract the top talent.

The best sales people in FMCG drinks jobs have confidence in their ability to earn significant OTE. Your recruitment strategy, therefore, should include a job ad that offers an excellent benefits package on top of an acceptable base salary. Average sales people will not be keen on a job with an average guaranteed income.


Simplify The Recruitment Process


The best sales people are in high demand and do not want to be filling out lengthy job applications. Research shows that fewer candidates follow through job leads if the application process is too complex.

You should also consider streamlining the recruitment process whilst challenging candidates to prove they are suitably qualified for an FMCG drinks job. Encourage telephone calls and face-to-face interviews, but let candidates do most of the talking.

It is also important that the expectations of candidates are managed properly through the recruitment process. This can often be where recruitment drives falter. Hiring a specialist FMCG recruitment agency to act on your behalf could help you to secure the most ideal sales people.


Create A Career Path


Employees do not want to be stuck in a dead-end job with no prospects of promotion. The top FMCG sales people are ambitious, dynamic and primed for success. They want to fill a role that will promises to reward them with an executive position.

Offering the potential to advance through the ranks should be supported with relevant training and educational opportunities. Just because a candidate excels in drinks field sales, does not mean they have management skills or the qualifications they need to successfully take up an executive role. 

Companies offering drinks field sales jobs should be looking to create an employer brand that appeals to the values of young people. A job is a lifestyle, and the best sales people want to work in an environment that brings them satisfaction every day. 


If you require further information on how to attract top talent into your FMCG business check out our whitepaper on best practice for hiring. 


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