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Overview of 2018 Salaries in UK FMCG Industry

With the good news of salary increases surpassing inflation in 2018, we thought it would be a good idea to scope the salary range within the FMCG sector. You can download our full report for more details, but to give you a taste, here’s a quick overview.

There was a continued upward pressure on salaries in the FMCG industry this year, and the figures suggest the sector is in good health.

Marketing Week report FMCG is one of the best paid industries for men, and 54% of employees in this sector say their employer is very good at providing fair financial rewards.

Some industry reports have cited the average salary in the FMCG sector is £52,500. In March 2018, there was a significant rise in the average job salary of 11%. These figures more or less correlate with our own findings.

CW jobs report the average salary for permanent positions in FMCG jobs is £42,500.Bridgewater claim the more you climb the sales ladder to Sales Director salaries can range between £61,890 to £99,390.

However, we found the information provided was unreliable to provide a national average so have broken our report into four key areas; field sales, key accounts, national accounts and other managerial positions.

Our data is comprised from responses received by over 300 individuals within the FMCG industry in the UK. The majority of respondents were from a sales background but we also received a sufficient response from marketing and supply chain positions as well.

Within each of these areas we have then broken the roles down into the junior, mid-range, management and director levels.

Junior Field Sales

With the UK economy picking up, employers in the FMCG industry are actively searching for new talent. However, with candidate supply already limited in several areas of the market, some employers are struggling to fill roles with satisfactory results. This is particularly true of junior field sales positions.


“When hiring junior field sales people in the current marketplace, it’s often not the firms offering the highest basic salaries that secure the best talent. An engaging recruitment process and excellent candidate experience is more of a factor.”

                                                                        Laurence Philips, Head of FMCG Recruitment

To attract the best talent and encourage staff retention, we recommend employers tailor packages to include appealing benefits such as flexible working conditions and clear career paths.

The importance of employer branding in FMCG recruitment

Salaries within brand marketing conform to trends we saw in sales positions. However, finding an influential and effective brand marketer with the right experience is a tricky business. Those prioritising employer branding usually stand out.

In our report, we purposely limited salaries in marketing to Brand Marketing and Category Managers rather than general Marketing Directors or Heads of Marketing to ensure the salary figures weren’t obscured.

What we did discover was a common factor across the board was that once you reach a senior positions you can expect your salary to increase significantly.

Salaries for Brand Marketers


Salaries for Category Managers



A lacklustre wage growth in recent years has been a burden for many families in the UK, but with the economy thriving, workers at all levels in the FMCG industry can look forward to a lucrative income. Download our full FMCG salary survey 2018 to find out how much you can earn.


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