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Our IP Salary Survey – What Does This Mean for Those Working in IP?

Recently we put all of our Europe-wide salary surveys in one place, here. This makes downloading for you considerably easier, and comparison to see what others in the industry are up to. Being able to get an eagle-eyed view in to what is going on in terms of recruitment, employee expectations and employer branding, gives you the competitive edge.

Intellectual Property, as you know, is all about dealing with competition. However, it’s easy to forget that real competition also comes down to the IP professionals you have in your arsenal. Attracting, retaining, and motivating your employees is how you perform at the peak of the IP industry. So what do our salary surveys tell us about this? What do you need to know?


The Caselton Clark IP Salary Surveys for Europe

Our salary surveys look at a broad range of IP positions across the UK, Germany, France and Italy. We see some stark similarities in terms of employee expectations and desire, for example their drive for flexible working. We also see similarities in some benefits. For example, across all four countries, an employee’s bonus makes up a critical part of their employment package for a large proportion of respondents.

We’ll come on to these similarities and their importance for employer branding in a moment. However, we do need to give a little attention to the differences between countries as well. The most notable difference again hits in the benefits stake, notably concerning Germany, and of course Munich IP professionals - where the majority of our respondents are located. German IP professionals do not receive the same level of benefits in addition to basic salary as other nations. This means that German IP basic salaries are therefore considerably higher than elsewhere, likely taking account of this. Although this may also be an effect of the employment status of some attorneys in Germany such as contractors or consultants.

Nonetheless, even without the cultural expectation of a broad benefit base, we still see the push for benefits such as flexible working. Our latest salary surveys have shown that this is where change is really happening. Employers able to embrace and offer flexible working are those that are going to be able to attract and retain the highest calibre talent over the next few years.


The Importance of Employer Branding

If you’ve had a chance to read our guest post for Citma, then you’ll already have a good insight in to the importance of employer branding in the IP industry. Employer branding is all about who you are as an employer, what makes you attractive to work for, and therefore able to snatch the very best talent.

The reality is that in the patent, trademark and general IP industry, the best candidates are spoilt for choice. The landscape is such that they can get the position they want with relative ease. It’s competitive from an employer’s point of view. Therefore, your employer branding is critical.

Our salary surveys all demonstrate that the area where you really need to sit up and pay attention is flexible working, as well as the benefit’s package overall. Generally speaking, the industry will govern the salaries. You can govern the ‘above and beyond’. This means carefully thinking through what you offer in terms of work-life balance, training and development, working environment and individual well-being.

Given that recruitment processes, and getting employees up to speed and productive, is not a fast or inexpensive process, your employer branding is at the heart of making a success of your labour power. Therefore, give conscious thought to what makes you an attractive employer, set yourself out from the crowd, and get the IP recruitment specialists on board to help.


At Caselton Clark, we do IP recruitment differently. We make your employer brand stand out. We get you the talent you need. Get in touch with your IP recruitment needs on 020 7559 6700 and let us deliver the talent you need.


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