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Why is the spirits industry booming?

  • Posted by Mike South
  • on Thursday February 22, 2018


Not long ago rum and what we would consider 'speciality spirits' were the top dogs in the spirits industry. The past couple of years we have seen Gin dominate the growth in the sector with the category reaching £500m in the on-trade and increasing its sales in the off-trade by 16%. 

It is an exciting time for Gin, especially the craft products being tailored to particular niches. Gin tastings are all the rage and more and more of the stuff is creeping onto the market.

But that is now old hat.

Yes, the category has seen double digit growth, but the whole of the UK spirits sector has seen the on and off-trade grow by 2% over the past 18 months, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. This growth has been reflected in the day to day, as you would expect of a FMCG recruitment company. We have seen a number of bigger brands reaching out looking to fill their field sales jobs and a number of smaller, start-up operators looking for advice on spirits recruitment.   


So the question is.. why? 


  • The popularity of Cocktails

The cocktail scene has really exploded over the past few years. Brands and bars have raced to be seen as premium products with the average consumer probably drinking less but caring more about what they are drinking. 

Cocktail bars are increasing and the whole razzmatazz around the description of the cocktail, the ingredients and the presentation have fuelled a surge in consumers drawn to them. 

A study in 2016 suggested that over 3/4 of outlets stocked mixed drinks, accounting for around 6% of all alcoholic drinks. What would that be now?


  • Health Focus 

Spirits are being branded as a healthy (or at least healthier) choice when compared to a beer or other alcoholic drink. We expect to see more and more niche Vodka brands creating a personality for themselves and playing on this move to a healthier and premium product. 

Non-alcoholic drinks have drawn their fair share of press over the past 2 years but the reason they are becoming more popular has to be down to the healthy conscious consumer. 


So... over to you... what can we expect from brands now?

And what category is next to experience the surge? 

We would love to hear from you, please share your thoughts here.


As we said the boom has led to a surge in premium spirits sales jobs that we are now working on. Have a look at our current FMCG vacancies here. 


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