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Why we are now providing for contractors and temporary staff on our IP Recruitment Desk

Over the years we have rebuffed attempts by our clients to provide temporary staff and contractors for there work force. We have spoken to a number of our clients about their needs over the next 12 months and it has become clear that there is more emphasis on a flexible and scalable work force.

New research from Harvard economist Lawrence Katz and Princeton economist Alan Krueger suggests that all the net job growth in the last decade is in “alternative work arrangements.” That includes temps, on-call and on-demand workers, contractors at companies, independent contractors and freelancers. We have seen that the press-worthy online “gig economy” work like Uber is a tiny slice of that. The chart below shows the percent of workers in alternative work arrangements, by industry.


What are the benefits to companies hiring interim employees and contractors?

  • Cost-effective - The hourly rate of an interim professional is often higher but their flexibility means you can scale up or down depending on the requirements you have week-on-week. Contractors require minimal training and have rates that are inclusive of NI and taxes so there is great potential for long-term savings.
  • A fresh perspective – Working closely with the same people day in, day out can often lead to the stagnation of ideas.  If you bring a highly skilled professional in for short-term projects gives you a shot of inspiration, industry-level best practice and new ideas.
  • Access to specialist skills - This is particularly key as businesses undertake more project-based work, for example, meeting new compliance and regulation standards. Tapping into the interim market allows companies to bring in specific skills that aren’t available in-house for a defined time.

So yes, we are now working with a number of contractors that are specialists in the IP industry, and we are now taking on contract roles from our current clients and new businesses for a range of IP support roles. We are aiming to continue being one of the most reliable sources for intellectual property recruitment by tending to the market of short-term and temporary positions.


What this means for clients

At Caselton Clark our central drive has always been to fulfil our clients’ needs to the best of our ability. We believe that our new contracting service will continue this trend and help in any way we couldn’t before.

We will have a base of readily available IP professionals who are keen to engage in temporary or contract IP jobs. The aim of this being that if a client finds an immediate or urgent need for an experienced IP individual, we can quickly locate and provide a candidate to suit this need.

This can range from patent contract jobs to trademark contract jobs and any other level of IP administration contract jobs.

If you need people to fill a particular role or are after individuals with a particular skill set, please get in touch with Stephen Gill on 020 7559 6702 or email:


What this means for candidates

If you are an individual with IP support staff experience, in either patents or trademarks and are looking for temporary or contract work, then we want to hear from you. We are keen to hear from a wide range of support professionals, whether you specialise in administration, renewals, formalities, records, and everything in between.

Please follow the link to submit your CV and a covering letter or statement about what types of roles you are looking for: 

Or alternatively please email Arthur at:

From there, we will have you on our system and will hopefully be in contact with any temporary or contract positions that will be of interest and aligned to your experience.



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