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Recruitment Best Practice For SMEs

  • Posted by Mike South,
  • on Wednesday July 26, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Caselton Clark's FMCG Recruitment Strategy Series! - This edition entitled 'Recruitment Best Practice For SMEs' is designed to educate and inform small to medium sized FMCG businesses about how to overcome many of the challenges they face when attracting and retaining employees.

This whitepaper not only highlights major challenges, but also offers actionable solutions your business can use to conquer them.

Below are just some of the hurdles this whitepaper helps your business to overcome

- How do I manage such a time demanding hiring process?

- How can I create a hiring process that ensures a good candidate fit?

- How do I increase reach to attract the right candidates?

- When is the best time to grow the team?

- How can hiring managers agree on the right function a candidate will carry out?


Take the first steps to overcoming these hurdles and more by downloading our whitepaper below:

Click Here To Download Our Whitepaper - Recruitment Best Practice For SMEs



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