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Training in the Event Industry

  • Posted by Tim South
  • on Thursday September 15, 2016


Talent and technology – two key themes to come from our events industry survey last year and have appeared again this year.  A third major theme to emerge this year was ‘training’.  We wanted to highlight the significant increase in the need for quality training regimes compared to last year.

Click here to see the full survey results.

We found sales and marketing people placed more emphasis on the need for training compared to those in other roles.  However the difference between the type of training needed for sales and marketing teams was very different.

Sales people reported that there are a large number of untrained sales people dragging down the quality of sales teams by using outdated techniques.  Poor quality sales people isn’t a new problem, but the need for training to solve this problem has definitely become more widespread.  It is not clear whether providing more thorough training programs will solve the issue, but it is clear that proper training will at least move the industry in a positive direction.

A similar problem was reported for marketers while suggesting that many people in this role are not up to scratch.  This is probably a newer issue for marketers though as the marketer role and required skillset has changed a lot recently.  We also mentioned this key point in our earlier talent and technology blogs.  Basically, marketers need more training to cope with using the latest event technologies.  As there are many cases where marketers don’t have the required talent to perform in their roles, significant training is needed.

On a positive note though, senior team members do seem to be willing to invest in the proper training.  Events teams seem to be aware of how much of a central role marketing is becoming within events and therefore know that training them will likely benefit the industry as a whole

Sufficient training could help with issues surrounding the other themes - talent and technology.  Introducing new technologies can often cause short term difficulties with getting to grips with them. At the same time, not having enough talented people within the business has been a key issue.  Training can not only bring people up to speed to cope with new technologies but also give them the next level of ability and talent that businesses are looking for.

Our full survey includes dedicated areas which focus on a number of key changes and future predictions coming from each function within an event business including sales, marketing, production and director level.

Also in the survey is a sector analysis section focussing on some of the major industry challenges in sectors ranging from Fashion to Fintech.

Click here to see the full survey results.


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