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Technology in the Events Industry

  • Posted by Tim South
  • on Thursday September 1, 2016


Just like last year, technology has been a keen theme running through this year’s Event Industry Survey.  We found that 75% of respondents are using social media more often, which is more or less as expected.

Click here to see the full survey results.

Respondents have said how technology has made an impact on their individual roles within the industry. Sales people mentioned how using sophisticated social media and analysis tools helped them to pick out potential clients.  The impact of technology was not all positive though, with those in sales roles suggesting how many companies may move away from spending large amounts on exhibition space and instead choose online advertising.

Of course, the marketer role has seen huge change due to the use of new technologies such as the ones we talked about in a previous blog.   Marketing teams have suggested that content creation, data analytics and marketing automation marketing automation as a whole has seen increased usage.  With new technology comes difficulty with adapting and learning new skillsets, which puts pressure on the marketing role.  This draws on from the point discussed in our talent blog about how marketers fail to hit the required skillset due to inefficient knowledge of the latest marketing technologies

A trend to watch here, is the possible link between technology and staffing levels.  Our survey suggested that investment into CRM and marketing analytics software may be leading to savings in manpower.  Hopefully, this trend will lead to creating growth in some areas to balance out lost growth on others, keeping the industry alive.

Our full survey includes dedicated areas which focus on a number of key changes and future predictions coming from each function within an event business including sales, marketing, production and director level.

Also in the survey is a sector analysis section focussing on some of the major industry challenges in sectors ranging from Fashion to Fintech.

Click here to see the full survey results.


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