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The UK's Best STEM Graduates Delivered Straight Into Your Inbox


Over the past year we have noticed increasing demand for high calibre STEM graduates to join our clients' firms as trainees. This has led to more of our clients asking us to find candidates with the right technical background, especially where they are finding it hard to recruit directly.


In order to ensure that we can provide our clients with the top graduates, we are forging better relationships with some of the UK’s best universities and, in the next month, attending some specialist STEM graduate events. 


We have been asking our clients about how thye hire graduates. Many of them have stated the time commitment to host open days, get their company brand out there and attend events. Even those that do don’t necessarily achieve the right calibre of applications. 


We understand graduate recruitment, we understand that finding your first real job is a daunting step. We ensure that graduates are prepared for the role, are aligned to the business and culture and have a trustworthy point of contact throughout the recruitment process. 


If you are looking for graduates in 2017 please get in touch and let us know your technical requirements. Contact India Bottomley on 020 7559 6702 or email


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