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Caselton Clark Bake Off 2016 - Week 9

It was India's turn this week as she unveiled her 'hundreds and thousands' cake.  After a last minute change to the schedule, India shocked the team with her quick turn around and presented her two-in-one cake.  This effort combined a mouthwatering victoria sponge on the bottom and a chocolate cake on top.  The whole thing was generously covered in pink icing, hundreds and thousands, and topped with delicate shards of glittery chocolate.


Clearly the victoria sponge was the more popular of the two as the greedier members of the group stopped at nothing in order to reach it below the top half.  Like vultures pecking at a carcass, the cake was eventually dismembered in order to reach the tastiest part.

A popular bake among the team, but with quite a few weeks left to go of the bake off, its still anyone game...........kind of


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