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Events Industry Survey 2016


Thank you to over 150 of you who took the time to contribute to our annual survey of the events industry this year.

More of you than ever before have given us your thoughts on a host of key topics, from the triumphs and challenges of your own day-jobs to the overall state of the industry. I’m writing because the results of this year’s survey are in and we’re excited to share our findings with you - the data lets us build an even more detailed picture of the state of the industry.

Those of you who read the report based on last year’s inaugural survey may recall that we highlighted three key themes that ran through many of our responses, and we’ve done the same this year – talent and technology are still key topics for the industry, and in a rapidly evolving marketplace it’s perhaps no surprise that we found the idea of training, and of making sure your team have the right skill set for their role, came up again and again, making it our third key theme for 2016.

Before we get to that more detailed analysis though the extra data gives us the opportunity to sit back and look at the industry as a whole, and nothing sums up that picture more than the respondent who told us that “Live events are not going to die, but [they are] going through a revolution.” The picture that’s emerging is of an industry in flux, which we turn to first...

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