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FMCG Industry Interview - Guka Tavberidze - Savse Smoothies


Each month in 2016 we will be releasing a new interview from a different area of the FMCG industry – from brewers to sales people, brand managers to HR professionals – bringing you the latest market insights, what business leaders look for in candidates and much more. The format may vary slightly from month to month as our interviewees can remain anonymous if they should wish.

In this edition we interviewed Guka Tavberidze, the Founder of Savse Smoothies.

Guka and a  Savse

Savse are a growing FMCG business dedicated to making the tastiest, healthiest smoothies around. Their prominent advertising has been hard to miss recently around London – you may have seen their ‘Hard to Say, Easy to Love’ message on the side of London buses and at Victoria Station.

Hard to Say Easy to Love Campaign

As an owner of a business in a competitive market we ask Guka about the challenges growing Savse, what he looks for in the recruitment process and the major changes in the industry since he started out.




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We would love to know your thoughts on the feature and how we can improve future editions. If you would like to take part in a future edition of our industry interviews please get in touch with Izzy Kingsley – or 020 7559 6701.


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