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Talent in the Events Industry

  • Posted by Tim South
  • on Monday August 22, 2016


You may have seen, or even taken part in our event industry survey a few months back.  With the results now in, a number of key themes have become clear.

Click here to see the full survey results.

As we talked about in our last blog about an industry in flux, another prominent theme to come out of this year’s survey was talent.  Just like our previous survey, company directors have said that finding high quality candidates for their team was the single biggest challenge facing their business.  In fact, as many of 26% of directors agree.

In particular, directors said that top sales and marketing talent was the hardest to hire with 52% choosing sales people and 36% picking marketers.  On the other hand, only 12% of directors opted for producers being the most challenging to hire.

For sales people, the difficulty with hiring them is often related to compensation and trying to get them the right remuneration packages.  Finding the right sales person who also matches the company culture appears to be a recurring challenge. We’d like to agree with this and add that these difficulties only increase with the seniority of the candidate.

For marketers, hiring managers disagree over what the right skillset should be for the modern marketer.  Perhaps this is due to the role having changed so considerably in recent years.  We believe that finding marketers who have adequate knowledge of the latest marketing techniques and the ability to know how to use them effectively is the biggest challenge for hiring managers.

A further challenge for hiring managers is that once the many hurdles of hiring the right talent are cleared, they face issues of trying to retain this talent.  65% of respondents felt that retaining talent was a significant challenge to the industry.  From our own experience we would suggest that this may be due to a trend of people not only wishing to change roles within the industry but to move out of the industry altogether.  This is certainly more common with individuals who believe they are working on failing event formats.

At Caselton Clark we are all too familiar with the difficulties of acquiring top talent.  We are always happy to discuss how we can help your business from a recruitment perspective.

Our full survey included dedicated areas which focus on key changes and future predictions coming from each function within an event business including sales, marketing, production and director level.

Also in the survey is a sector analysis section focussing on some of the major industry challenges in sectors ranging from Fashion to Fintech.

Click here to see the full survey results.


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