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An Industry In Flux

  • Posted by Tim South
  • on Monday August 1, 2016


Last month saw the release of our Event Industry Survey for 2016.  More than 150 participants took part from across the industry; from sales and marketing professionals to producers, and from entry-level right the way up to directors.  We were delighted with the response and thanks to those involved, we were able to generate insights that many event professionals can benefit from.

Click here to see the full survey results.


Key Themes

Three key themes emerged from this year’s survey; talent, training and technology.  Two of these three themes appeared in last year’s survey and it is evident that they are still key topics in the industry.

It seems that today’s events business is now geared towards building up a community of influencers around an event.  This is changing traditional roles to be more brand-led rather than being controlled by event cycles.  As such, having the right talent for your business and appropriate training to ensure this talent can fulfil the requirements of a changing role is becoming increasingly important.

I believe that some comments within this survey point towards what we can expect to change over the next 12 months.  This is especially true of event formats.  The real winners aren’t putting all their chips on tried and tested formats but are looking to put on more of the kind of spectacle that we see in B2C events. Technology and training will be key factors in the success of this.



In addition to these three themes it was clear from the results that the events industry is one that is very much in flux.

Respondents have talked heavily about substantial change within the industry, with phrases like ‘total overhaul’, ‘transforming business models’ and ‘massive investment’ being thrown around.  


Market saturation

One major cause of cause of this change in the industry is the saturated condition of today’s events market. As an industry that has seen continued growth through the launch of more and more events it is probably not surprising that new directions are needed in order to sustain growth.  



Particular focus seems to be being placed on marketing to drive revenue as opposed to a purely sales driven approach, as well as the increase use of marketing automation.  The marketing role, in this case, seems to be undergoing the most change.


Staffing and Salaries

Staff levels and salaries are being impacted by the flux of the industry.  There’s a lot of concern that maintaining high salaries and the current high staffing levels in the industry could be difficult due to the way the events industry is evolving.  We will talk in more detail about this topic when we discuss talent in the next blog.

Our full survey includes summaries of responses from a variety of roles across the industry, including sales, marketing, production and director level.

Also in the survey is a sector analysis section focussing on some of the major industry challenges in sectors ranging from Fashion to Fintech.

Click here to see the full survey results.


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