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The production role is changing in the events industry

  • Posted by Tim South
  • on Wednesday September 9, 2015


We released our events industry survey last month with a focus on getting the right talent into your business, using technology successfully and the importance of making strategic acquisitions.

We also looked at individual positions within events businesses.

Over the coming months we will also look at Sales, Marketing, Operations and Director Level positions. This first instalment focusses on the changing nature of the Production role.



On the whole, people working in production were most concerned about their own role, worrying about finding high quality speakers and producing quality content.


44% think the main challenge is finding high quality speakers


This was especially true for the Government and Politics sector as 66% of producers that respondents saw this as the major challenge. On the other hand, in the Retail and Fashion sector – only 5% of people identified it as an issue.

This might be because producers are being given more responsibilities on top of content production and finding speakers. With more time being given to innovation and new ideas for the event format, we think that less time is available to secure real quality when it comes to speakers.


Our above thoughts are shown in this comment talking about how the role is changing…

“The production role is changing and having increasing overlap with marketing and sales. Pressure for innovation tends to land on the producer. There isn't enough time in the day to pursue new ideas and still hit deadlines. Long story short, more and more work to do in the same amount of time.”


We think this quote touches on an undercurrent running through the entire industry at the moment.

Company’s want to innovate.

Company’s want to create strong, long lasting, sustainable events.

There must be a balance between quality content and speakers, exciting new formats or innovative inclusions and commercial success.

Is it more important to have high quality speakers and content or to have commercial success? Is it more important to innovate?

If producers are shouldering some of the pressure to innovate, while continuing to carry out their usual job requirements and hit their work cycles, achieving this balance is hard.

Without more team members or a clear strategy to achieve the right balance we might see producers become disillusioned or undervalued.  



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