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Can you afford to recruit from just 17% of the market?


Did you get to where you are by being good at what you do, or by being a specialist recruiter? I'm willing to bet it's the former. But when you need to expand your team or replace someone, you can quickly find that you're suddenly expected to become a recruitment expert overnight.

Instead of focussing on what you do best you find yourself focussing on writing a job description, distributing the advertisement through different channels, sifting through CVs, selecting candidates and interviewing them. If you are not doing it yourself, the chances are you have briefed your company’s internal recruitment team, who are following the same process.

You want the best candidate for the role from the entire industry with the right skills and for the right money… and, quite frankly, this process isn’t going to reach that top talent as it only reaches a small percentage of the market.


And that is why you need a good recruitment agency.


  •          We save you money

The old adage… time is money.

The amount of time you spend searching for the right candidate can be done by specialists who have their eyes on the market every single day.

Recruitment agencies will do the leg-work – screening suitable candidates and only producing you with a shortlist of people that meet your specifications.

At Caselton Clark we are all trained in interviewing candidates - by our ex-hiring manager founders – so we are able to get under the surface of the rhetoric and even undertake ‘soft references’ from our network.


  •          We have access to the best talent - passive talent

Posting job adverts online and waiting for the responses is one way of recruiting, and you might get lucky. The ideal candidate might be in the market for a job and apply at exactly the right time.

A recruitment company finds the best talent – we are able to approach people who are succeeding in their current roles and approach them at the right time with the appropriate opportunity. These people are in our network and ready when the time arises.

As a guide, 83% of our placements this year have been passive candidates, not actively looking for a new position. Can your business afford to only be approaching 17% of the market? 


  •          We have a huge network within niche industries

You have your industry contacts, built over the years, from former colleagues to people you have met at events and networking conferences.

A specialist, niche Recruitment Company are adding to their network every single day – in the very industry that you want to get a candidate from. Once they understand your business, the role and the required skills they can tap into their contacts straight away.

A conversation with a candidate from 18 months ago comes to the fore when the perfect opportunity arises. We know exactly the right time to reach out.


Having a trusted recruitment partner is the most efficient way of ensuring you are seeing the very best of the market. They have a greater reach to the best candidates, are experts in attraction and interviewing and save you money at the same time. 


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