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Events Marketers – are you optimising your use of Twitter?


It is no surprise that the social network with the most impact on-site at an event is Twitter. The ability to engage immediately with the audience is invaluable. However, that is only a small part of the event cycle.

Are you engaging with the audience before and after the event? Is it part of your research strategy?


Before the event:

  •          Finding influencers
  •          Picking a #hashtag
  •          Listening to relevant hashtags
  •          Repeat your tweets (although edit them each time)
  •          Making sure there is reliable Wifi at the venue…


During the event:

  •          Monitor tweets with your hashtag
  •          Make it easy for people to share the event with their followers
  •          Repeat your tweets (make sure you edit them each time)
  •          Favourite tweets to build up endorsements
  •          Create genuine conversation


This complete guide by Cos Rental shows you how to make the most of twitter. With such a congested industry, where the battle for marketing dollars is intense, you need to fully utilise the tools available. 


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