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Meet the team: Hannah Todd


Something you didn’t know

Snack happy Hannah is obsessed with chocolate...

She is never far away when a treat or snack is offered around the office and is usually back for seconds. If you ever want to thank Hannah for her recruitment advice chocolate is definitely the best way.


Something about her specialisation

Hannah is in charge of graduate and junior level roles in the media sector at Caselton Clark. Having only graduated a few years ago herself, she is able to relate to candidates easily and is able to provide advice based on her own experiences. Getting your first role is daunting and Hannah is well placed to guide you through the process.


Something from her CV

Hannah’s contribution at her local Dog Rescue Centre was the obvious interest to highlight from her CV. A lover of animals, especially her two Black Labradors Freddie and Max, she volunteered as a dog walker as abandoned dogs were finding new homes.


Something about work

Having a degree is important but should not necessarily dictate the direction of your career. Keep an open mind when applying for roles – skills you have might be transferable to a sales, production or operations role within media. Make sure you highlight this on your CV – keep it simple, clear and concise but emphasise the skills that would be good for that particular job.


Quickfire Questions

-          Favourite Band - One Direction  

-          Favourite Sport – Golf  

-          Favourite Drink - Mojito 


As well as working with some of the best known media companies in events and media, Hannah is able to help with CV writing and interview advice.

If you want to find out more about the event industry read our information guide here.

If you have any questions or want to find out about the media and events industry get in touch – or 020 3008 7549.


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