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Meet the team: James Dickinson

Every two weeks we will be getting to know a member of our team a little better – James Dickinson is up first.


Something you didn’t know

James’s biggest passion outside the office is rowing, and he used to be quite good at it. He boasts about numerous achievements and some are actually quite impressive. James has completed the Henley Regatta and even trialled for the GB rowing squad in the lightweight category.


Something from his CV

In the hobbies and interests section James lists that he has ‘Attained a black belt in Taekwondo.’ Taekwondo has since disappeared off the radar but James has recently taken up Muay Thai, something we know very little about.


Something about work

James thinks that one of the most important things for marketers is to highlight achievements on your CV - companies are looking for clear achievements that prove that you are good at what you do.


Something about his specialisation

Working on the marketing desk, James works with well-established media companies and some trade associations. He works strategically with marketing managers looking for specific qualities in their next role (whether available immediately or six months down the line.)


Quickfire Questions

Favourite Film - The Dark Knight

Favourite TV Show - Dr Who

Favourite Advert - Compare the Market / Meerkat


If you have media industry experience and want to let James know what you are looking for in your next position get in touch today.

James Dickinson

020 3427 3104


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