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SABMiller targets Africa for growth

In 2014, SABMiller saw a 4% increase in net profit in the Africa region with their Castle Lite beer seeing a huge surge in popularity. The group, which includes Miller Brands’ premium beers Peroni and Pilsner Urquell, are targeting significant growth in Africa in 2015.

The company’s Managing Director in the region, Mark Bowman, thinks the outlook for growth looks positive as “as Africa develops and levels of disposable income increase we expect the rate of beer consumption to grow significantly.”

SABMiller are usually positioned as a premium product but they are moving their positioning towards affordable beer at a lower price to appeal to each region and increase their market share. The focus of each brand for each region is clear such as cardboard packaged Chibuku for Zambia and Nigerian produced Hero.

We are seeing that both the FMCG and Media markets are targeting Africa as a region for growth in our industry surveys and in our client’s strategic moves. If you haven’t already had your say in our FMCG Industry Survey please let us know what you think today.


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