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Meet the team: Mike South


Something you didn’t know

In ice-breakers Mike churns out that his most unusual fact is that he has been on 22 safaris. He was fortunate enough to work at a Cheetah breeding sanctuary in South Africa when he was travelling, and well before he got married. During this time he also had to chase away a Hyena that had made its way into the ladies shower area.


Something about his specialisation

At Caselton Clark, Mike works with some of the brightest minds in the FMCG and Media industries as he is responsible for Director level head hunts. The importance of these strategic roles cannot be underplayed so Mike works on a retained basis with clients like Ella’s Kitchen, SAB Miller and i2i events.


Something from his CV

Mike has a strong FMCG background working with CAMRA and the BBPA championing a continental Europe style beer culture. His career helping launch Red Bull in the UK On Trade is remembered fondly alongside the half can serve and those Vodka Red Bull Pitchers in the City…


Something about work

Mike is interested in the emergence and continued rise of craft beers in the market. He believes that the major brewers are placing more and more emphasis on brand positioning making sure they differentiate from other products in the market.

Mike has written a separate post questioning whether craft beer is really changing the beer landscape – read it here.


Quick-fire Questions

-          Favourite Band      - Ich and Ich

-          Favourite Sport     - Test Match Cricket

-          Favourite Drink     - Vodka martini


If you are interested in the latest director level roles within FMCG and Media, or want to know more about the contracted headhunting service, contact Mike for an informal chat on 020 7559 6701 or email at



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