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Meet the team: Izzy Kingsley


Something you didn’t know

Izzy’s main passion outside the office is for the arts. Her degree was in theatre and performance, she is an accomplished classical singer and has performed at various festivals and events. She is most proud of her performances as Maria in the Sound of Music and the Snow Queen in a dance production.


Something about her specialisation

Izzy has been involved in the FMCG and hospitality industry for a number of years. She was lucky enough to work at the Olympic Games running one of the hospitality tents and has worked at a family owned pub. This hands on experience is invaluable industry knowledge offering a snapshot of the complexities of the supply chain in this fast paced industry.


Something from her CV

Success in the arts is not Izzy’s only interesting hobby outside of work. A keen runner, Izzy completed her first half marathon last year raising money for the charity MIND. Travel is another hobby and is something she would like to do a lot more of. Before joining Caselton Clark she spent a summer in Hong Kong, Cambodia and Thailand.


Something about work

Dealing with CVs on a daily basis Izzy knows the traps many FMCG professionals fall into. Instead of simply writing your skillset and your duties, it is important to demonstrate your achievements with actual examples. This way your potential employer can see that you have the skills and can prove your experience. Click here for more CV tips.


Quick-fire Questions

Favourite Band: Kings of Leon

Favourite Sport: Swimming. Although she has recently been on her first ski trip and has definitely got the bug!

Favourite Drink: Gin and Tonic


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