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Intellectual Property - EU Salary Survey


We are delighted to be publishing the results of our 2015 Salary Survey covering most of the Western European nations and the Nordics. The results focus on job roles within Patents from Trainee to Partner level and Head of IP. For some regions we are also able to include information on Licensing. 

Within the report you will find information on average salary levels across positions and specialisms, information on bonuses and company benefits as well as a snapshot of industry insights at the back.


Click here for the full EU Salary Survey


If your particular job role is not included in the results please get in touch as we are more than willing to give you a current market indication. 

We intend this to be a yearly fixture so encourage your comments as to improvements and other features you would like to see in 2016. 

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I share the comments of Stefano; very interesting and useful survey

  • Posted by Alessandro Guerci
  • on Friday December 11, 2015 01:51

Very good job. Thank you, it is an interesting and well done tool. All the best for the incoming Holiday season. Stefano

  • Posted by Stefano Colombo
  • on Thursday December 10, 2015 03:45

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