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Are Airbus aviation innovators or just keeping their brand in the news?


High profile patent applications usually do the rounds on the internet – the recent Airbus patent for Concorde mark 2 being a recent example.

With such futuristic patents are Airbus protecting their IP portfolio for years to come or is it a marketing strategy to increase the brand’s exposure and reassert its position in the market with consumers?

Marketing and Patents

There is little doubt that the IP business monetises company ideas and brand values. Developing strong patent portfolios, protecting your trademarks and acting on infringements is common place.

In sports fashion, having the Nike ‘Swoosh’ or the Adidas ‘Three Stripes’ increases the price of the product and utilises the hype behind a brand.

In technology having a product protected by a patent shows that the company is innovative, perhaps superior and unique. Even if the patent is pending the company is held in high regard.

Even the thought of a ‘secret’ increases the value and story being a brand – take KFC and Coca-Cola as examples of having lucrative trade secrets.

Airbus are recognised as one of the major players in aviation, so protecting and publicising the work of their Research and Development department is an important part of protecting this status. Even if this hypersonic jet never materialises, Airbus are in the news and the minds of consumers as innovators in air travel – their name synonymous with planes and future innovation.

Competitor Boeing are much the same – recently revealing a patent for a submarine transforming drone – showing the capabilities of new technology or ensuring that their name is always being exposed to the consumer?

So… is this ensuring the future protection for a patent portfolio or is it purely a marketing ploy?


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