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Optimism high in the UK Intellectual Property market


Talent is a vital commodity in any firm - and this rings true more than ever in the IP industry. Specific technical knowledge, qualifications and experience are required to ensure continued success for the company.

Professionals within the industry have an overwhelmingly positive outlook for the next 12 months with most expecting company and individual bonuses.

78% of IP professionals think they will receive a salary increase in the next 12 months

This figure is taken from our 2015 UK Salary Survey and is positive news for professionals in the industry.

Our survey indicated that Basic Salary was still king as 27% of patent and trademark professionals regarded it as the most important part of their overall financial and benefits package.

Location and the availability of a salary review occupy the second and third spot with 21% and 12% of the vote.

  64% of IP professionals think they will receive a company related bonus in the next 12 months   

We can expect a pleasing set of company results if the above figure rings true. Nearly two thirds of the surveyed profession expect to receive a company related bonus.

Interestingly we have seen more ‘Loyalty Bonuses’ emerge and creep towards 5%. We would expect to see this figure increase next year as more emphasis is placed on retaining top performers.

Additional Financial Package

Additional benefits have become a staple for the majority of larger businesses with pensions and private health insurance appearing in the vast majority of remuneration packages.

The traditional Christmas Bonus appears for 25% of the professionals who responded to our survey and over 30% of these respondents had a flexi-time element in their contract.

For more from our salary survey – including attorney salaries across the specialisms – click here to see the full report.


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