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2014 FMCG Recruitment Report


2014 FMCG Recruitment Report

Broadbean have launched their recruitment trends report for 2014 and have some interesting insights for the FMCG industry.

With 65% of jobs posted online using their technology, the report is well placed to give some perspective on recruitment in the UK.

Job vacancy volumes have increased by 18.4% and applications have also increased in 2014 but to a lesser extent.

Within the FMCG market specifically we saw an increase in vacancy and application volumes with the majority of applications for jobs between £25,000 and £30,000.

Interestingly salary movements saw a slight dip throughout 2014 with a hike towards the latter months.

In terms of hiring, this seems to suggest a competitive market with a squeeze on talent. Companies may need to look for less traditional means to attract the best talent to the industry and their roles.

And vice versa, candidates need to make sure they are standing out from the crowd – see our CV tips to check you are on the right track. Or contact our FMCG team for further information – 020 7559 6701


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