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Meet the team: Nick Priddle


Something you didn’t know

While talking to clients and candidates, Nick is always on his feet, walking around the office. We always figured that it may help him think while discussing the requirements for a role.

Or perhaps it might be because he is honing his catwalk skills…

Nick confided that he has performed in a couple of fashion shows showing off the latest trends.


Something about his specialisation

Nick focusses on well-established, premium brands within the FMCG industry. His clients are mostly within the drinks industry but he also enjoys close ties with some industry-leading food companies.

Nick has always had an affinity with the premium end of the market, working for the prestigious Fairmont Hotel and luxury ski brand Powder White in the past.  


Something from his CV

Sports-mad Nick has combined his passion with fundraising on a number of occasions. He has completed the 2012 Vancouver Olympic Triathlon Course and the London Mazda Triathlon raising money for the International Childcare Trust.

Not stopping at that, Nick has also raised money for Julian House and has cycled the length of France and the North of Spain (over 1000km) in 3 weeks.


Something about work

Working for a premium brand is the peak of the industry. Roles in these companies are competitive and companies are seeking out the best of the best.

In your application how are you standing out or positioning yourself differently from other candidates?

You need to make sure you elevate yourself to get the job.

Make sure you are on the right lines with our CV Tips.


Quickfire Questions

-          Favourite Band                 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds            

-          Favourite Sport                Cricket      

-          Favourite Beer                  Leffe


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