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Alcohol packaging looking to change


The European Union has taken the first step towards new legislation for alcohol packaging. Their Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee wants it to be compulsory for alcohol packaging to have printed calorie information.

The move is all part of the EU’s strategy to help member governments deal with alcohol related harm. Bringing further attention to the dangers of drink-driving and drinking while pregnant also feature in the initiative.

In the past, this change has caused some complaints in the industry but the Brewers of Europe announced that its members supported the change. The likes of Heineken and SABMiller have also supported the proposal. 

One group that hasn’t responded so positively is the Wine Industry. Wine, being a product that varies each year depending on the harvest, would have the additional strain of making more labels for their products.

Although this step is only the first in the process it will be interesting to follow the outcome. And perhaps be quite interesting (or worrying) to see the calorie content in the alcoholic drinks we consume.


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