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Meet the team: Stephen Gill


Something you didn’t know

Stephen’s talent in the arts is something he has hidden extremely well. He was a young tap dancer, auditioned for Oliver in Secondary School and has even had artwork featured at a local exhibition. Clearly a man of many talents, Stephen's even performed as a drummer in a college band.


Something about his specialisation

Stephen heads up the Intellectual Property desk alongside Danielle Muir and Peter Perry.

In 2014 Caselton Clark formed a partnership with the Perry Clayman Employment Agency recruiting across trademarks, patents and IP support staff in the UK and across Europe.

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Something from his CV

Stephen took 6 months out in 2009 to travel Central and South America with his wife. Knowing little Spanish they set off from Mexico City, through Costa Rica and Columbia (amongst other countries) ending in Buenos Aires. Amazingly they only took one internal flight during the entire trip and it has fuelled a passion for Mexican Cuisine.


Something about work

The industry is seeing increased competition. Business development and a stronger marketing presence have become more important for companies to position themselves in the market. The same is true from a hiring perspective – as a candidate you need to show your commercial acumen from a wider business standpoint as well as being highly specialised in your field.


Quickfire Questions

Favourite Film: Ferris Bueller's Day Off            

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad          

Favourite Beer: Quilmes (an Argentinian Beer that is difficult to find)


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To get in touch with Stephen call +44 (0)20 7559 6702 or email him here (


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