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Events Marketing - Best Practice using Facebook

It was recently revealed in a Freeman XP survey that Facebook was the most used social media network pre and post event.

Since reading the report, we have been on the lookout for other resources that would help event marketers.

Last month Facebook launched their own marketing resources for businesses. Their ‘Blueprint’ is a 9 step breakdown of how to get the best out of Facebook. It covers the initial introduction through to best practice, with information on targeting, optimisation and reporting.

One of their smaller training sessions is specifically focussed on events and how you can use Facebook to successfully promote them.

A different perspective away from the source is always helpful and we've also come across this guide by Cos Rental – Facebook for Events Professionals.

The guide gives you a good overview about Paid Advertising and Promotion as well as some quick tips to help expand your reach.

Both of these resources are well worth a read and should complement your existing marketing plan.

Stuck for ideas? Here are some successful examples

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