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  • Business Intelligence Role Play Advice

    Thursday August 18, 2016

    A role play is a great opportunity to impress the interviewer when going for a business intelligence role. In this video Ioan Nickson, our head of business intellig...

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  • FMCG Newsletter - August

    Thursday August 11, 2016

    Some great stories of new product launches are featured in this months FMCG newsletter. In addtion, we've included an article that talks through how the internet has...

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  • Media and Events Recruitment Newsletter - August

    Thursday August 11, 2016

    The August issue of our Media and Events newsletter contains the first of a series of new blogs drawing on insights from our Events Industry Survey

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  • Business Intelligence Interview Advice

    Monday August 8, 2016

    Are your preparing for your first business intelligence role? Or do you need to brush up on your interview skills? In this video Ioan Nickson, our head of business...

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  • IP Recruitment Newsletter - August

    Tuesday August 2, 2016

    This months IP newsletter includes the latest industry news. Stories are still emerging from the aftermath of brexit as well as new trademark battles from the likes o...

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  • An Industry In Flux

    Monday August 1, 2016

    Last month saw the release of our Event Industry Survey for 2016. More than 150 participants took part from across the industry; from sales and marketing professional...

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