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Caselton Clark Bake Off 2016 - Week 6


This week was the turn of our resident Aussie, Kate, to show off her skills with a ‘Nutella and Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake.’

The bar was raised even higher in Week 6 with this creation.

After some issues with certain members eating more than their fair share of last week’s creation – Hannah and Kate were sure to monitor the teams eating habits this week, cutting up individual slices rather than leaving it for each person to cut themselves.

With homemade roasted peanuts and extra salted caramel for decoration on top we’ve heard a few remarks that this was the ‘best cake yet….’

 Thankfully all the cheese puns were used in last week’s blog post. 



Thankfully all the cheese puns were used in last week’s blog post.




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