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Caselton Clark Bake Off 2016 - Final Week 1/3

It's the final week of the bake off and we have a jam-packed week with 3 cakes being presented over a few day period - the first cake this week came from Stephen.

Another mix up to the competition this time with Stephen showcasing a number of cupcakes.  These mini morsels took on a cherry-bake-well taste and displayed in a sophisticated manner


Not a bad effort all round from Stephen, and another good entry into the competition could make this a close call!


Want to see the other entries so far? Click the links below


Week 1- Hannah Todd - Carrot Cake

Week 2 - Pete Chambers - Chocolate Malteaser Cake

Week 3 - Tim and Zoe - Global Recruitment Cake

Week 4 - Grace Hughes - Company Logo Cake

Week 5 - Ioan Nickson - Polish vodka strawberry cheesecake

Week 6 - Kate Long - Nutella and Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake

Week 7 - James Dickinson 'Honorable Mention' - Chocolate Millennium Falcon

Week 8 - Jessy Smith - FMCG Superheros cake

Week 9 - India Bottemley - Hundreds and Thousands Cake

Week 10 - Mike and Julia - Banana Cake

Week 11 - Matthew Robinson - Chocolate Cake

Week 12 - Ida Skalnes - Gluten Free Chocolate Cake


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