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Meantime Brewery Tour


Following our recent beer industry survey we wanted to see what the all the fuss was about with the team at Meantime. 

Meantime's 'The Knowledge' masterclass provided an excellent insight into the beer making process, followed by a tour of the site and not to mention a few samples along the way! Conducted by Roger, one of the longest serving brewers at Meantime,  the group were presented with varieties of barley grains to try, followed by samples including the light London Pale Ale, through to a golden Yakima Red and finally a deep smokey tasting London Stout. 

Meantime's continued dedication to producing traditionally brewed beer is evident in their approach to working and demonstrated in the passion their team have for their products, consequently becoming the beers of choice for many!

To find out more and book a place on one of their tours, visit their website,


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