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Breaking: Guinness most popular beer in Ireland

Vinepair have released a world map with each nation’s favourite beer.

The company pulled information together from Euromonitor, the market research company, and company reports to highlight the most popular beers, by market share, across the world. 

We have paid particular attention to Europe, where our business focusses, and see that Heineken and Carlsberg are behind quite a few of the brands.

By our count Heineken are popular in Portugal and Spain with Sagres and Cruzcampo, Italy with Birra Moretti, and the Netherlands with Heineken itself. Carlsberg have leading beers through Tuborg, Ringres, Mythos and Feldschlösschen, Lithuanian Svyturys and Latvian Aldario.

A bit closer to home, Molson Coors’s Carling has the highest market share in the UK.

Interestingly the results from North America show that Canada enjoy Budweiser while the USA favour the ‘weaker’ Bud Light but we wouldn’t want to make any further comment on that.




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