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The impact of social media on the hiring process


With each individual having on average 3.1 social media accounts and 52% of employers researching candidates on social media during the hiring process, now is the time to start pruning your social media accounts to make sure they paint you in the best light.


79% of employers have hired through LinkedIn, 26% through Facebook and 14% through Twitter.



A recent CareerBuilder survey indicated a number of reasons why companies might disregard candidates from consideration.




How do you make sure you are not in this 42%?

Top 3 Mistakes:


#1           Candidate posted information about excessive drinking or drug taking

#2           Candidate had poor communication skills or poor spelling

#3           Candidate had lied about qualifications


It is clear that employers are looking for more than just what is written on CVs and said in interviews. It is becoming increasingly important to make sure your online presence is the same as the person you appear to be during the hiring process. 




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