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Most Effective Social Channel for Event Marketers Revealed

A recent survey by FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute has some interesting results that could be helpful to event marketers.

The survey was conducted across both the B2B and B2C sectors with 38% of respondents exclusively from the B2B events space.

What we have found most interesting is the insight into the most effective social channels before the event, during it and re-engagement after the event has taken place.


The findings suggest that Facebook is the most effective channel both before and after the event with Twitter, predictably, the runaway leader during the event.

Interestingly LinkedIn only features as the 3rd most effective pre-show social channel, down to 6th during the show and 5th afterwards with the likes of Instagram and Youtube more popular.

If we were taking a pure B2B perspective would we see an increase in the use of LinkedIn as a social channel before and after the event?

Event marketers, as a key source for lead generation and content sharing amongst professionals would you expect to see the same? 


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